Mulberry Hall

I take thee Mulberry Hall, to provide my wedding gifts; stylish and traditional, fashionable and functional, gift wrapped and on time...

For wedding presents and gift lists in York visit Mulberry Hall. The Stonegate store, in the centre of historic York, is definitely not an anonymous call centre or impersonal website. You create your list with the personal help of Celia Maughan who has notched up 20 years' experience in running the service. That experience, coupled with natural tact and enthusiasm, means Celia has become something of a fairy godmother for frazzled fiancées.

Mulberry Hall's beamed medieval building is home to the largest floorspace in the UK dedicated to china and crystal - everything from fashionable designers such as Jasper Conran and Vera Wang, to traditional favourites like Wedgwood and Royal Doulton. The new Mulberry Hall Dining Warehouse features a contemporary collection of kitchenware that could mean the start of a lovers' tiff - who can resist Emma Bridgewater's bright and cheerful tableware? And then there's the stylish Alessi accessories and the very latest in electrical gadgets and gizmos.

They combine the very latest designs and ideas, with old-fashioned attitude to service prompting generations of brides to come to Mulberry Hall. They will manage your list in a different way from many retailers. As soon as the bride has chosen her items, Celia personally goes through each list with a fine tooth-comb, looking out for anything that might have been missed, like ordering one sauce boat for a 12-piece dinner service. She makes sure every item is in stock or ordered there and then, so there's no waiting six months for your teapot to arrive!

They offer a free giftwrapping and delivery service to anywhere in the UK and your guests can order online, or by phone, fax, email or post.

Celia knows that creating a wedding list is surprisingly tiring. As a result, she aims to offer 'the kind of advice you might get from a really well-informed mum but with a bit more objectivity and a bit less tension'. And, just like the very best mums, Celia will even give you a free cuppa, in the Mulberry Hall coffee shop. So join generations of brides and say 'I do' to Mulberry Hall.

01904 620736, please ask for Celia

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